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Feb 04, 2010

Citizenship and higher education

Katherine Tegtmeyer-Pak (Associate Professor of Asian Studies and Political Science, St Olaf College, US)
Dec 11, 2009

The Muhammad Cartoon Conflict and the Danish Politics of Negative Dialogue

Peter Hervik, Visiting Professor, Institute for the Study of Global Issues
Jul 10, 2009

Man-made: sexual violence and violent sexualities

Ronald Stade (Visiting Professor, Institute for the Study of Global Issues, Hitotsubashi University; Director, Peace and Conflict Studies, School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations, Malmo University
Jun 19, 2009

Creating community: theatre arts workshop for people with gendered trauma

Susan Vaneta Mason (Professor of Theatre Arts, California State University, Los Angeles)
May 22, 2009

Music crossing borders: Jazz, ethnicity and globalization

Michael Molasky (University of Minnesota)
Sep 12, 2007

From Superpower to Besieged Global Power

Restoring Global Order after the Bush Doctrine's Failure
Ed Kolodziej
Jun 21, 2007

The Politics of Perspectives

Normative Agendas and Research Methodologies in the Current Global Situation
Ronald Stade
Jun 07, 2007

"The Banality of Good"

The Transnational Normativity of The Good Citizen
Yasemin Soysal
Jan 15, 2007

Business Models for Open Media

Tony Curzon Price
Sep 28, 2006

The Character of Latin

Nicholas Ostler
Jun 20, 2006

New regionalism in Finland and other Nordic countries

Ari-Veikko Anttiroiko and Pekka Valkama
Mar 25, 2005

Macro and Micro Gender Structures

Gender Stratification and Social Networks in Canada and Japan
Bonnie H. Erickson, Kakuko Miyata
Dec 09, 2004

Stop killing, start surviving

Paul Coleman
Jul 07, 2004

Social scientists and the mobilization of Japanese science in WW2

Yoshitaro Hirano's "Ethnopolitical science" and Masao Oka's "Ethnic research"
Akitoshi Shimizu
Jun 02, 2004

Cultivating Culture in a Cultivating Culture

E. Valentine Daniel
Feb 16, 2004

Dynamics of Land and Identity in Pacific Asia

'Indigenous' and Attachment to Land
Li Narangoa
Jan 08, 2004

Japan's Overseas Development Aid Policies

Policymaking and Implementation
Katsuhiko Okazaki
Dec 04, 2002

IT and English Imperialism

Jonathan Lewis
Oct 07, 2002

Overcoming Marginalization: The Case Of Germany

Structural Obstacles And Openings To Integration In Strongly Segregated Sectors
György Széll
Jun 24, 2002

Theoretical Problems in Comparative Education

Jürgen K. Schriewer
Nov 16, 2001

How many globalizations? Food and History

Sidney W. Mintz
May 23, 2001

Multi-diplomacy: A Practitioner's Report

Masahiro Omura
May 26, 2000

Rethinking the Politics of the Lived World

Tessa Morris-Suzuki
Apr 21, 2000

The Relationship between Bhuddism and Society

Issues and Possibilities
Bante Kondanya
Nov 25, 1999

Musical Expression that Crosses Borders

Levent Aslan
Nov 18, 1999

The Internationalisation of Self Identity

Michael Richardson
Oct 06, 1999

A View from the Frontier

Tessa Morris-Suzuki
Jul 28, 1999

Is Transnational Civil Society Possible?

Surichai Wungaeo
May 26, 1999

Locating the State and Community in Natural Resource Management

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