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Keiko Seki



Graduate theses supervised

Keiko Seki was the principal supervisor for these theses. Theses written in English are marked with an asterisk.

PhD theses
Master theses
  • Local Management of Historical Environment: Problems and Prospectives of the Public Opening (2010.2)
  • Towards Inclusive Education and Society in Japan:A Case Study of Brazilian Children Out of School (2010.2)
  • A Study of Environmental Education in the Field of Life-Long Education in China: a Case Study of Green Communities (2010.2)
  • Will for Possession of the Nuclear Cycle Plant: Gender and Empowerment of the Youth in Rokkasho Village (2009.2)
  • A Historical Study on the Dispute about Development and Preservation of the KOAJIRO Forest;Connotation of 'Protect the Green' and Process of its Preservation (2009.2)
  • Continuity and change in Islamic education in Filipino Muslim society (2006.2)
  • Commercial films by monority producers : A case of Asian American cinema (2006.2)
  • The process of learning program for non-Japanese and Japanese : case studies in Shinjuku (2006.2)
  • Newcomer Children and Japanese Society : Meaning and function of alternative places (2006.2)
  • Reform of basic education in India and the use of distance learning: improving quality of life through continuous learning (2006.2)
  • The development of education in developing countries: The case of overseas aid to Mongolia (2005.2)
  • The message of "development education" as expressed in the image of developing countries: An analysis from the perspective of development aid organizations (2005.2)
  • How cultural spectacles increase shared inter-ethnic consciousness: The case of Prague (2004.2)
  • The "empowerment" of children: From the perspective of public libraries' services for children (2004.2)
  • Japanese language education in Singapore under Japanese occupation: Bi-directional approaches and educational practice (2003.2)
  • A comparative study of environmental education in China and Japan: Green schools and school biotopes (2003.2)
  • The Growing Self-Realization & Changing Status of Rural Women in India* (2003.2)
  • Minority education in multicultural societies: The case of the Amerasian School in Okinawa (2003.2)
  • Adult literacy programs as a place of learning: The relationship between residents' organizations and overseas support groups (2002.2)
  • Experience of different cultures and Japanese people's self-reliance (2001.2)
  • Experiments in cultural co-existence in evening lower secondary schools (2001.2)
  • A history of English language education policies in Japan (2001.2)
  • Formal Basic Education in Cote D'Ivoire: Problems of Girls' Primary Education* (2001.2)
  • "Cultural diversity" in the exhibitions of regional museums in the Netherlands (2001.2)
  • "World citizens" in contemporary Japanese society (2000.2)
  • Multicultural education in Japan: The case of the children of refugees from Indochina (2000.2)
  • Connections between schools and regional society in rural Kenya (2000.2)


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