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Masanori Naito

Professor (1997 - 2009)


Graduate theses supervised

Masanori Naito was the principal supervisor for these theses. Theses written in English are marked with an asterisk.

Master theses
  • ‘The Freedom Theatre’ and Political Repression: Fieldwork into Narratives (2010.2)
  • Counter-Terrorism Policy under the Blair Government: Creating and Excluding “Others” (2010.2)
  • Conflicts Between Secular State and the Islamic Party in Contemporary Turkey:the Trial for Dissolution of the Justice and Development Party (2009.2)
  • On the visibility of Islam- Headscarf disputes in Germany- (2009.2)
  • Possibilities and Limits of the European Integration (2009.2)
  • An analysis of current issues concerning cultural heritage conservation in Angkor (2008.2)
  • Islamic reform movement in contemporary Turkey (2008.2)
  • Fashion freak's journey : searching for the betweeness (2008.2)
  • The unremoved division line between Northern and Southern Cyprus : Moving towards reconciliation and reunification? (2006.2)
  • Verification of the Islam in television : Broadcasting of South Korea and Japan (2006.2)
  • Strada del vino: New developments in the Italian wine industry (2005.2)
  • Islam and traditional arts: The prohibition of Wayang Kulit in Malaysia (2005.2)
  • Private religious schools in Malaysia: The case of Kelantan state (2005.2)
  • Ideology in post-independence Uzbekhistan (2005.2)
  • The meaning of the emergence of Pim Fortuyn List: "Tolerance" in Netherlands society (2005.2)
  • Explaining Turkey's refusal to host US bases: The decision of the new Islamic government (2004.2)
  • The naked Venus: The gaze turned on nude pictures (2004.2)
  • Co-existence in the Netherlands: The establishment and experience of Islamic schools (2003.2)
  • The production of "British muslims" in Islamic schools: Challenges and possibilities (2003.2)
  • Sources of the pyramid conflict: Intellectual foundations of the formation of landscape in Bali (2002.2)
  • The emergence of the new Islamic revival movement in Lebanon (2001.2)
  • Conditions for the construction of a renewable society: A case study of garbage composting and organic agriculture in Nagai City (2001.2)
  • National Identity Building and the Role of Women in Turkey: Between Tradition and Modernity* (2001.2)
  • Development policies and changes in the activities of women's organizations in Ghana (2001.2)
  • A comparative evaluation of waste disposal policies in German and Japanese local government (2000.2)
  • Women's Roles and Activities in Soka Gakkai* (2000.2)
  • Foreigners' voting rights in the Netherlands (2000.2)
  • Impacts of Ecotourism in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Madagascar* (2000.2)
  • The formation of "ethnic" groups under the system of nation states: The case of the formation of Korean-Americans (2000.2)
  • Overseas NGOs and the disabled poor in the Philippines (2000.2)


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