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Toshio Iyotani

Professor ( - 2012)


Graduate theses supervised

Toshio Iyotani was the principal supervisor for these theses. Theses written in English are marked with an asterisk.

Master theses
  • What did China expect at the fifth generation? Role that the fifth generation remark theory played in process of modernization of China (2011.2)
  • Chinatown Image Construction: An Analysis Focusing on Social Change in the Post-Civil Rights Era (2011.2)
  • The Others: The “Immigrēs": Reconsidering migrants in France through housing (2010.2)
  • Rethinking "Multicultural Co-Existence": A Site Linking Filipino Single-Mother Families with Japanese Volunteers (2010.2)
  • Blessing or Curse?: Tourism Promotion in Cairns (2010.2)
  • Occupation and Hope:Case Studies of Amami Islands (2010.2)
  • nanmin: An analysis of variance between the Japanese Government and refugee applicants relating to the status of refugees (2010.2)
  • Dynamism of Electronic Reproduction: Products in the Field of Japan-US (2009.2)
  • “Transnational Stratification” and Post-Developmental Government: the Role of Government in Overseas Employment Policy in the Philippines (2009.2)
  • Integration of Filipinas in Japan to care labor market: gender positions of immigrant women in family and market (2008.2)
  • Okinawan-Filipinos as Postcolonials: Their Identity vis-a-vis the U.S. bases and Okinawan society* (2008.2)
  • The challenges of Japan's international non governmental organizations: from the view point of fundraising (2008.2)
  • Illegal Aliens and "Nationality" in Japan in the 1980s and 1990s* (2008.2)
  • A study of the discoursive practice of localization case studies of person(s) recognized by various in Japan (2007.2)
  • "Zaigai Japanese" on the border: when "Zaigai Japanese"are called "Japanese" (2007.2)
  • Korean network of reproductive labor (2007.2)
  • "Poverty"imagined through the international tourism : Case studies of the realities of street children in Mongolia (2006.2)
  • Governmentarity and belonging : On the politics of Ainu cultural promotion (2006.2)
  • Peace building and cultural issues - on local peace initiatives- (2006.2)
  • Surveillance and Control of the body : Transition of positioning the body (2006.2)
  • Remains and memory : The movement to excavate remains in Shumarinai (2006.2)
  • Socialism and gender: The repositioning of women during the collapse of the Soviet Union (2005.2)
  • India and the "rediscovery" of the neem tree (2004.2)
  • Militarization and women: Feminist perspectives on the debate on militarization (2004.2)
  • The topos of anti-globalization: Reconsidering new political spaces (2003.2)
  • The meaning of the Asia Boom: Consumption of popular culture as everyday resistance (2003.2)
  • The deviation of the spirit: The meaning of living in Tudor Estate, a public housing estate in Mombasa, Kenya (2002.2)
  • The "new second generation" of Asian American migrants: The interface between migration research and ethnic studies (2002.2)
  • Migrants and the development of higher education in modern Iran (2002.2)
  • Place and power in Saskia Sassen's research on globalization (2000.2)
  • National identity in Northern Irish unionism: "Britishness" under "siege" (1999.2)
  • Social structure and immigration issues in South Korea (2001.2)
  • Labor migrants in the German welfare state: An analysis of the acceptance of project laborers (2001.2)
  • Financial globalization and the independence of central banks (2001.2)
  • Changes in migrant networks in the information society: A survey of Internet use among Chinese people living in Japan (2001.2)


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