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Yoshiko Ashiwa
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Yoshiko Ashiwa


Head, Institute for the Study of Global Issues

Research and Publications


Cultural Anthroplogy, Sri Lanka Studies, Religion and Society, Conflict and Reconciliation, Cultural Policy



Graduate theses supervised

Yoshiko Ashiwa was the principal supervisor for these theses. Theses written in English are marked with an asterisk.

Master theses
  • Breeding technology and local community : sericulture industry in postwar gunma prefecture (2011.2)
  • Civil war and youth in Sierra Leone: Rastafari in Freetown as a place of recovery (2010.2)
  • A Correlational Study Between Japanese Animations and Sentiments Toward Japan by the Youth in China (2010.2)
  • An Orchestra in Manchuria : Case Studies of the Harbin Symphony Orchestra (2010.2)
  • Yamaha Music School in Japan, America, and China: Culture and Globalization (2010.2)
  • “Mingei” in Korea: Adopting Yanagi Soetsu in the 1920s Tongailbo (2009.2)
  • Social position and experience of factory workers in Jakarta metropolitan area (2008.2)
  • Ethnicity of the Muslims in Sri Lanka (2008.2)
  • Official and unofficial elements of the basic Christian communities: Case studies of the Philippines (2007.2)
  • Representations and practices on the catastrophe in Hiroshima during 1945-1970's : Knowledge, power and space (2006.2)
  • "Partnership" in development NGOs and the new relationship between North and South development NGOs (2005.2)
  • The formation process of the National Park system in the United States: From Yellowstone to Mission 66 (2005.2)
  • The orientalism of "space": The modern development of Lumbini, a holy site of Buddhism (2004.2)
  • The production of Hindu nationalist space through holy site networks: The case of the theft of gold from the Kashi Vishwanath Temple (2004.2)
  • Twenty years of North Korean broadcasting: The history of a border (2004.2)
  • The social history of qigong in China: Modernity, science and religion (2004.2)
  • Open source software development: The expansion of development to applications (2002.2)
  • Gender research in anthropology and feminist ethnography (2001.2)
  • Realizing participatory development through youth overseas cooperation activities: The case of Niger (2001.2)
  • Intervention in regional conflicts: The Kosovo conflict and the NATO bombing (2001.2)
  • Tamil primary schools and Indian communities in Malaysia (2000.2)
  • Imagining an ideal agriculture: The aims of the organic farming movement (1999.2)


2-1 Naka, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-8601, Japan. Tel: +81-42-580-9098
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